Mud glorious mud!

Class: Forest School Year: 2020 - 2021

Wow, what a fun session in the mud we had today!

Luckily the rain stopped and the waterlogged site gave us lots of opportunities for creating a bridge over the mud hole (that had filled with water) and for making a slide from wooden pallets in another area. The children had an amazing time taking turns to go down it landing into the muddy puddle! A couple of children were even brave enough to go down on their tummies resulting in some very muddy but very happy children! The bridge over the water hole required lots of balancing and problem solving.  

Mrs Jones and Rosie made a bird feeder table and put out mealworms for any visiting robins and a group of children made a fabulous giant sized christmas tree using logs laid on the grass.

The hedgehog hibernation home has now been renamed Hedgehog Ville. It now has 4 cosy rooms and a ladder for any visiting animals to climb up. The boys had carefully designed a plan in their breaktimes and made a sign. The photographs really don't do it justice-its an amazing structure and I'm so proud of the chldren who have developed it week after week and learnt so much in the process.

What a great time we all had today!



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