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Welcome to Westhead Lathom St. James' Church of England Primary School.  As head-teacher, I’d like to tell you about our school and what makes it so special.  We are fortunate to be a small semi-rural school in an excellent setting. 

Our one hundred and five pupils are taught in four classes:

Ladybirds and Butterflies – Nursery and Reception children

Busy Bees – Years 1 & 2

Eager Beavers – Years 3 & 4

Wise Owls – Years 5 & 6

We know our pupils very well indeed. As experienced teachers, we are able to establish a child’s needs quickly and plan the next steps needed. We teach and support according to each child’s needs as best we can.

All of St. James’ staff are totally committed to giving pupils the best possible start to their education. The caring, family atmosphere gives the children a feeling of security, self-worth and belonging in a place where every individual is encouraged to fulfill their potential academically, socially, morally, spiritually and physically. We want every child to be the very best that they can be. Our aim is to develop a love of learning and life itself. 

Every opportunity is taken to ensure that learning is purposeful, relevant, meaningful and fun. We’re very proud of our connected curriculum which links certain subjects, where appropriate, by themes thus enabling wider learning and deeper meaning. The curriculum is enriched with visits, visitors and themed days and weeks. These events bring the curriculum to life and make learning fun for everyone. 

We’re very proud of the children’s excellent behaviour in lessons, on the playground, the school field and during trips outside school.

Social and emotional aspects of learning are valued highly at St. James. If a child is not emotionally secure then they won’t be able to learn to their full potential and won’t become the well-rounded member of the community we would like them to become.

Friendships between children are generally very positive but where there is a disagreement, the staff aim to unravel the root causes with a view to resolving the situation, helping the children to reflect, empathise and build stronger social and emotional skills for life. Bullying is not tolerated in our school family. It is the subject of class lessons and addressed in collective worship. Our view is that if the smaller issues are sorted out then they can’t grow into larger ones. Our Year 5 and 6 Playground Champions are extra helpers on the playground and react maturely to the needs of the little ones.

At St. James, we believe that a strong sense of partnership between school and the family must be nurtured in order for the children who attend our school to be as ready as they can be for secondary school and life beyond. We welcome working together to give children the best possible education.

Have a look at the class pages for updates and pictures from around our school.

If you require written copies of any information on this website, please contact Mrs. Tither in our school office and we will be pleased to help. You may also like to visit us. Again, please contact Mrs. Tither.

Miss H Clark



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