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Date: 25th Sep 2017 @ 5:16pm


What a fabulous day! In and around Westhead, in kitchens everywhere, children, mums, dads and grandparents have been baking furiously. The results were amazing and delicious.  We had a tremendous response and had a fantastic range of cakes, cup-cakes, biscuits and mince pies. Julie Kirk , Matthew and Abbey's mum, led a tight operation putting the entries into categories then ensuring that the panel of judges scored each category carefully. As a tasting judge, I can assure you that the standard was very high! It won't be worth going to Slimming World tomorrow......

I am particulary grateful to the icing sugar which helped me to conceal the burnt bits of my own cake!

The remaining cakes were sold after school and I'm looking forward to finding out how much has been raised for school funds.

The children will be told who has won on Friday at Celebration Assembly. The winners will be published in the following week's newsletter.

Thankyou to everyone who took part - baking/buying/eating.


We had a fabulous day in school raising money for Pudsey. We dressed up and sold Pudsey bands, ears and badges. I can thoroughly recommend wearing a onesie for school- very comfortable! 

In all we raised over £123! Every penny goes to helping children. Well done to everyone for taking part.


Adam Yaffé from Yaffé Photography in Southport has offered to raise money for school. Normally, a family sitting is £250 but instead, for £35 , a family from St James will be offered a sitting which results in a shelf picture, postcard size. School keep the £35 and Yaffé Photography is able to work with more families.Fliers went home but if anyone needs another then let us know and we will get one to you.


Wait until you see our studio! Mr. Morton, our lovely caretaker has been busy painting and sprucing up the interior and landing area. We've added super-duper wall-art which shows the countries and continents of our world plus our values tree. We'll have to re-locate some of the names of the books of the bible that were around the ceiling. Watch this space.  smiley 


The 2 discos were very well-attended. Thank-you for your support. The hard-working PTA and our after school club did a magnificent job of decorating the studio, complete with a three metre spider hanging from the ceiling! The costumes were amazing too. Many thanks to our blood-spattered surgeon DJ, ex-pupil Jacob Daw and for the loan of Ian Hampson's DJ kit. The children received a hot dog, sweets and a drink for their £3 and we STILL made over a hundred pounds in profit. Well done and thankyou.

PTA 20.10.17

A big thank-you to everyone that turned up to help provide extras for the children at our school at our PTA meeting - plus apologies sent too. We didn't have enough chairs! We've got a really good team and I'm looking forward to the year ahead. We're looking forward to the two Spooky Discos next Wednesday. Just got to practise a few good moves for the dance-floor now.... The Bake-off venture promises to be fun. I'm looking forward to 20th November. I might look for some elasticated trousers in case I'm involved in the judging too.

School wants to put a multi-use games area (MUGA) on the school field. It'd be a massive achievement but we're aiming high. Our PTA will try their best to contribute.


Thank-you to everyone who has allowed me to apply for free trees on their behalf for our school. I'll collect them in late November and the fun can begin! My hope is to change the old wooden play area at the top end of our school field into a story-telling area. The weeds have been killed, now I need to source top-soil, grass seed and labour. Mrs. Cusick is looking into the best places to get a story-teller chair and log seats. It's the PTA meeting tonight at 7 at school. If you can't come but want to help school then maybe adding you name to a working party to improve this area would be an alternative. I reckon we could make quite a difference in just half a day - maybe one afternoon or even at a weekend. It's another win win situation. The children have an improved play space for very little cost and we get a work-out! It's good to give to the community too.


Adam Yaffé from Yaffé Photography dropped into school tonight with his lovely daughter Lulu. They came to drop off photography offer letters for our school. It is an amazing offer- you book an appointment at their beautiful studios in Southport , have a relaxing experience and receive an excellent quality 7 x 5 inch portrait. All in return for a £35 donation to our school funds. Normally this would cost well over £200. It's a win win situation and we'd be delighted if lots of families took the opportunity. Don't be like me and put off the family portrait- I've been meaning to do it for years and my boys are 26 and 23 now! Christmas is coming! The letters will be in the children's bags tomorow.

Plus, I can report that I HAVE done my homework as there is a photo of Adam and me this evening!

( However, obviously I, " must try harder," as the photo is at the bottom of the blog.....I will get better! More homework.)


On the subject of photographs....... Adam Yaffe from Yaffe Photography in Southport is going to help us to raise money for school. Normally a family sitting is £250 but instead, for £35 , a family from St James will be offered a sitting which results in a shelf picture, postcard size. School keep the £35 and Yaffes are able to work with more families. I'll be sending out a flier soon. I just thought I'd give advanced warning in case you need pictures for Christmas gift photo-frames.

Our Parent Teacher Association, PTA, is meeting at school on Wednesday 18th October. I'll be ready to offer you a cup of tea or coffee when you arrive. New ideas are being suggested. It might be safer to be at the meeting because you may get a job you didn't choose! Any help is appreciated. More news to follow.

The meeting will be from 7 til 8pm. Some people may want to go The Prince Albert Pub afterwards for a drink.


You may have noticed there aren't any - well that's MY homework! I will improve!


WLBC are giving away a free Bramley Apple or Victoria Plum tree to every house with a WLBC postcode on Monday 16th October. Many families don't have the space for a tree but WLBC have told me that I can apply on behalf of those families. I'll be doing just that on Monday. I'll be searching for 'trees' on the Lancashire County Council website and then registering for several trees as Sian Hampson has kindly found a number of parents who would like a tree but are donating it to school. I'll apply on their behalf and then collect from Mahoods. Our forestry area has grown considerably from when we planted it several years ago. Lets hope that our little orchard grows just as well.


On Wednesday 11th October, Rob Musker, On-line Safety Specialist from Lancashire Education Authority came to school again to tell parents about the dangers of on-line safety and also what parents can do to keep their children safe.

He covered risks, content, contact and conduct.

Rob talked about many aspects of on-line safety: the cyber boom; the increase in time of children on line; the dangers of exposure to blue light from these gadgets; how adults can be the best role model for being on-line; Instagram and Snapchat - do you know what you've signed up for? These companies have rights to your details; live chat and live streaming- don't stay logged in; signing out from Ebay - large purchases made by children; griefing; online mugging; self-harm and suicide sites; the dangers of the selfie culture- children are watching parents, copying and then having poor self- image; codes children use to keep information from their parents; sexting; biased sites; teaching a child to judge the reliability of a site; managing time- parent keeps iPad charger and charges the iPad with ten hours of charge a week. Child then has 10 hours of screen time and manages this time throughout the week; switching off Safari; using control features to limit the number of sites a child can access; teaching digital resilience - responding positively to and dealing with risks they encounter on-line; commercial aspects - form-filling dangers; fake apps; digital footprints; games - positive and negative effects; signs to look for in your child if they are on the wrong age games; photo vaults; well-being factors- obesity and addiction; dangers of sharing details; keeping your child safe from on-line paedophiles; and the videos available on the NSPCC site via YouTube.

He stressed the importance of reporting and keeping an open conversation about on-line safety at home and school.

Not many parents were able to make the meeting but those who came found it very worthwhile. We're very grateful to Rob for his time and sharing his expertise.

I can't offer this night again sadly. If you were unable to attend but have a minute, please look at the videos on the NSPCC site, especially 'Alex' or 'Lucy'. On the Lancashire County Council site there is a video called friends which shows that we would not go up to someone in the street, say that we want to be their friend, say that we like them, share personal details and photographs yet so many do on-line in order to gain followers. I also have a few copies of the booklets that were given out, free to parents.


Our Harvest Service at St. James' Church was both special and informative on Sunday. The children were fabulous! Their performances were beautiful and informative. They all tried so hard and we were very proud of each and every child. Thankyou very much for everyone who found time in busy lives to attend. Thankyou to our hard-working staff who came too and have worked so hard with the children. An extra thankyou to everyone who contributed to the scarecrow extravaganza admired by everyone.

The Plough Pub provided an excellent feast for £5. Delicious and nutritious! The company was great too. It was so lovely to see children playing and laughing in church.


At last I have started a Headteacher blog! Watch this space for information and pictures from in and around our lovely little school.




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