2015-2016 Sports Premium Evaluated

Evaluation of School PE and Sports Expenditure and Impact 2015 - 2016

School Sports Premium total allocated for 2015 - 2016 was £8331 




1 ½ to 2 hours high quality PE per week for all pupils led by qualified sports coaches from School Sports Partnership

Our School Sports Partnership coaches in 2015-2016:

Net & Wall – Keith Eckersall

Invasion Games – Jon Lane

Striking & Fielding – Rob Glaysher

Dance – Teri-Lee Aldridge

Athletics – Dan Miller

Gymnastics – Nikki Dawes

Sports premium funded

The depth of coverage of each curriculum area helps the children to make excellent progress. Improving year skills and attainment in PE on year.

In the classroom too there is a positive impact as children enjoy their sport in lessons and after school, helping them to want to attend, raising their self-esteem and therefore improving their approach to more academic subjects too.

Teachers and teaching assistants work alongside specialist coaches

School budget

Fresh impetus to P.E. and their new ideas and expertise help staff to develop their own teaching and assessment.

The specialist coaches run an after-school sports club every Tuesday for Years 1-3


Sports premium funded

Younger children are extending their time spent playing sport. They are being exposed to a wider variety of sports. There is no class divide- free for all who want to attend.

The talents of children are spotted at a younger age, enabling referral to specialist sports groups.

Mr. Peetoom runs clubs every Wednesday and Thursday for Years 4-6.

School budget

These clubs have a very high uptake and are an important part of our sports provision because it makes sport something for all rather than the chosen few as was the case for previous generations.

Children in years 3,4 ,5 and 6 swim weekly (45 minutes in the water) for a term every year .

The two swimming coaches are provided by our School Sports Partnership. There is an exceptionally high level of expertise.

A third swimming coach, also an excellent swimming teacher, one of our parents, helps.

School budget

The high level of coaching expertise, regular lessons over four years, longer lessons, positive ratio of teachers to children and relevant curriculum mean that our children all swim well by the time they leave our school and would be better placed in a situation where survival skills were needed.

Many sporting competitions run and led by our School Sports Partnership – aimed at all children

Mr. Peetoom has organised our school’s participation in the following sports activities:

Wed 23rd Sep – Small Schools Football League

Wed 30th Sep – Small Schools Football League

Thu 8th Oct – High 5 Netball Tournament

Sat 10th Oct – Tag-rugby Tournament

Thu 5th Nov – Y5/6 Cross Country Running

Thu 12th Nov – Small Schools Sportshall Athletics

Tue 17th Nov – Tag-rugby Tuesdays (Friendlies)

Mon 23rd Nov – Gifted & Talented Tennis Y3/4

Wed 13th Jan – Benchball Tournament

Tue 26th Jan – Playground Leader Training

Tue 2nd Feb – Playground Leader Training

Fri 5th – Sun 7th Feb – Skiing Trip to Scotland

Wed 2nd March – Small Schools Football League

Tue 8th March – Tag-Rugby Tuesdays (Friendlies)

Wed 9th March Gifted & Talented Dance Y1/2

Wed 16th March Festival of Dance Y3/4

Thu 17th March – Swimming Gala

Sat 14th May Tag-rugby Tournament

Mon 23rd May – Composite Relay

June – Netball Friendlies

Wed 15th June – Sports For Schools – GB Athlete Visit

Wed 15th June – Quad Kids District Sports

Thu 16th June – Mini-Tennis Y5/6

Wed 22nd June – Netball Friendlies

Fri 24th June Gifted & Talented Athletics Y5/6



The calendar of inter-school competitive sports (and other additional sporting activities) further illustrates the outstanding sports opportunities on offer in our school during 2015- 2016

With only 86 reception to year 6 children on roll ( plus nursery), on average, it is easy to see that all children at St. James, regardless of ability or background have many sporting opportunities and will undoubtedly represent school in sport at some point in their time at St. James. No-one is left out.

Inclusive, specialist competitions for less able children raise their sense of self-belief.

Competitions for able and talented children help them to raise their own expectations and learn from peers.

Competition is a good thing at St James.

A love of sport and teamwork builds personal tolerance of others and greater resilience if there is failure at first.

Our children learn to win and lose well.

This also impacts positively on children’s attendance at school and their engagement in more academic lessons- they’re more awake, switched on, engaged with school life and have improved relationships with class teachers in lessons.

Daily mile

In better weather, all classes are encouraged to take part in ‘The Daily Mile’, although the younger children run a shorter distance.

School budget

Children build up their general levels of fitness.

In Year 5, our children have the opportunity to participate in the Bikeability programme. It’s about gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today’s roads. It gives them the confidence to enjoy all kinds of cycling and raises their road safety awareness.

Sports premium funded

All children have access to a bike through community support. All children develop their love of cycling. Confidence levels soar as new skills are learned and applied.

The children are safer on the roads. More children choose to ride their bike to and from school and outside school, raising levels of physical fitness.

Our children have access to a range of outdoor adventure education activities. Children in Years 5 and 6 children are invited to attend Min-y-Don, a Christian adventure centre near Barmouth in Wales, every year for 4 days. In addition, every two years, the whole school attends a local outdoor adventure and forestry school day.


School budget

All pupils at St James benefit from engaging with nature, finding their strengths through teamwork, trying new sports and skills that not all families can afford to access, challenging personal bests, stepping out of their comfort zones and building up stamina, resilience problem-solving and creativity.

Transport to and from events out of school where parents are not available to provide transport or there is insufficient space for dropping off/ picking up

School budget

All children have equal opportunity to attend out of school competitions

Improvement of lunch-time play facilities:

Provided gate access to WLBC playground. Rota in place for use by year groups.

School budget

Children are more physically active at lunchtime and are happier too.

Playground leaders trained – year 6 children trained in leading energetic playground games with younger children, including the following skills: explaining rules and methods; answering queries; managing behaviour; resolving fall-outs; maintaining interest.

Training was Sports premium funded

The younger children are more active than before.

There is a greater respect for the older children by the younger children.




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