Extra-curricular club applications

To apply for a place in one of our extra-curricular clubs, please email the form to wiseowlsmrpeetoom@gmail.com before Thursday 26th October.

Just type 1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice etc. next to the clubs that your child is interested in and highlight.  Alternatively, just email me with your choices written out.

I will post a list of clubs with the children’s names who have places before the next half-term begins.

The children in Gardening Club next half-term are Finn, Freya, Ava, Kobe, Imogen, Casey, Jessica B, Grace H & Daisy.

Note – I have moved netball from Wednesday to Tuesday this half-term and I have decided to do a netball club for ALL 10 of the Year 3s on a Tuesday lunchtime, as this will be a better way for them to learn the game.  They don’t need to sign up for this.

I will allocate places as fairly as possible.  However, if you email after Thursday, it will be very likely that sports clubs will be full. 

Thank you.


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